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6 From the Publisher: Celebrating 18 Years!
18 years ago this month marked the beginning of the Southern California Gaming Guide .
Check out a brief history of your favorite Southern California casino & slot guide.
14 Leap Into February: Celebrate Leap Year with Fun Ways to Win
This Leap Year, February has more holidays than any other month, and Southern California
casinos are offering their guests more ways to win with February holiday themes. Read about fantastic February holiday-related events happening this month at featured casinos.
18 February Extra Casino Values
Leap into fun and more value this month with casino calendars filled with holiday fun events.
25 Tax Tips for the Winning Casino Player
It’s not too early to begin your 2019 tax return preparations, so this month we feature Alex
Winter’s suggestions on how to keep as much of your casino winnings as possible. There are a few essential steps that could ensure that you help yourself when preparing your tax return.
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