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Always Keep Your Play Fun
  Volume 19, Number 3 • March 2020
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A statewide, non-profit organization helping people affected by
problem gambling
41743 Enterprise Circle N., Ste. 202 Temecula, CA 92590 Phone: (714) 765-5804
Fax: (951) 266-0072
What is Problem Gambling?
Problem gambling, or gambling addiction, is a progressive disease which causes you to gamble to the point that you experience harmful or devastating consequences to your finances, health, family or mental well-being. Importantly, it is treatable and there is help available at no cost!
The Signs of Problem Gambling
You can help those close to you by being alert to the following danger signs:
• An inability to stop or control your gambling. • A fixation on anything related to gambling.
• Secrecy, lying or personality changes.
• A need to bet or gamble more over time.
According to a major survey, problem gambling affects more than 1 million adults in California alone. Gambling problems can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime — regardless of age, gender or race. Problem gamblers:
• Cost the U.S. $8 billion annually due to crime, bankruptcy and addiction.
• Get arrested about 3 times as often as people without gambling problems.
• Are 2–8 times more likely to binge drink, smoke or do drugs.
• Commit suicide more than any other group of people suffering from addiction.
• Have called the California gambling helpline more than 200,000 times since 1998.
• Are unable to control their urges without getting help!
 Is Problem Gambling Really That Serious?
                                   Help is Available! Call the Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-GAMBLER 24hoursaday,7daysaweek,oryoucantext the word “SUPPORT” to 53342 or chat at
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MARCH 2020
Did you know that San Diego County has more Native American casinos than any other county in the United States? Including the rest of Southern California, there are 24 Indian casinos that Southern Californian casino players have easy access to play any day.
In recognition of National Problem Gambling Awareness Month, the entire month of March, I remind you to keep your casino play fun. If your casino play stops being fun, stop playing. When you go to the casino, enjoy a full casino experience. Have a meal with friends, or go to a concert or show. The goal of the National Problem Gambling Awareness Month is to educate the public and healthcare professionals about the warning signs of problem gambling and to raise awareness about the help that is available both locally and nationally. Check out the pro bono ad, this month below this editorial, for information on the California Council on Problem Gambling.
Of the vast majority of casino players nationwide who go to casinos for entertainment, research from the National Council on Problem Gambling indicates that 2%–3% of the U.S. population will have a gambling problem in any given year. That’s 6 million to 9 million Americans, yet only a small fraction seek out services, including treatment and self-help recovery programs.
In California, according to the California Council on Problem Gambling, problem gambling affects approximately 3.7% of the population: almost 1,000,000 adults. Gambling problems can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or race. There is hope and help for those who suffer. Most players enjoy casinos without problems.
About this month’s feature, foodies, comfort food seekers and just plain lovers of good food will want to turn to Epic Eats! SoCal Casino Award-Winning Dining, starting on page 14. Read about featured casinos’ fantastic buffets, amazing steakhouses and specialty restaurants. We’re sure you’ll want to plan a meal on your next casino visit after reading about where and how you can indulge your dining desires. Enjoy fantastic dining at featured Southern California casinos this and every month.
Meanwhile, always keep your casino visits entertaining. Wager wisely and keep your play fun!
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