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Cool Casino Promos
What keeps you returning to a particular casino in these extraordinary covid-19 times? Number
one, it’s a casino that has excellent safety protocols in place. Number two, it’s a casino that has more
ways to win. All featured SoCal casinos have both. You can’t judge a casino by one without the other these days. In Cool Casino Promos, check out the fantastic cash, car and free play giveaways this month.
You must be a players club member at each Southern California featured casino to take advantage of October’s fun promotions. If you’re not already a member at every casino you visit, sign up now. Casino players club membership is always free and delivers great values. See page 10 for where the giveaway fun begins.
Thank you to everyone who voted for the Southern California Gaming Guide Reader’s Choice 2020 Best CasinosTM in September. We’ll announce the 2020 Best Casinos in the November 2020 issue. And we’ll also announce the 2020 Best Casinos Reader’s Poll Drawing winners including ten $100 cash winners, two $500 cash winners. All winners will be notified either by email or telephone before November 1st. Most winners have been camera shy over the past few years, and we unhappily don’t think that will change, especially now. We would love to show happy recipients of unexpected cash!
This year’s football season has no or few spectators in the stands due to covid-19 precautions, but wildly spirited and amazing teams. It is still a football season and sporty casino players can extend their football fun to the casino. Several featured casinos have football promotions this year; games where you can predict weekly winning teams and win prizes — usually cash. Plus, watch Sunday or Monday football games at various featured casinos. Check out page 4, Gaming News, for casino football fun.
Don’t miss Safety First: Casino Safety Updates on page 14 for current news on featured casinos’ safety precautions. It’s always all about feeling safe while playing at the casino.
Thank you to all the firefighters, first responders, medical personnel and everyone who is fighting and has fought in Southern California’s recent wildfires. October is historically a month of wildfires, and we hope everyone will be aware of fire safety in your homes and areas.
Meanwhile, please follow local, county, state and national health covid-19 guidelines and stay well and safe. As always, wager wisely and have fun at the casinos.
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A statewide, non-profit organization helping people affected by
problem gambling
41743 Enterprise Circle N., Ste. 202 Temecula, CA 92590 Phone: (714) 765-5804
Fax: (951) 266-0072
What is Problem Gambling?
Problem gambling, or gambling addiction, is a progressive disease which causes you to gamble to the point that you experience harmful or devastating consequences to your finances, health, family or mental well-being. Importantly, it is treatable and there is help available at no cost!
The Signs of Problem Gambling
You can help those close to you by being alert to the following danger signs:
• An inability to stop or control your gambling. • A fixation on anything related to gambling.
• Secrecy, lying or personality changes.
• A need to bet or gamble more over time.
According to a major survey, problem gambling affects more than 1 million adults in California alone. Gambling problems can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime — regardless of age, gender or race. Problem gamblers:
• Cost the U.S. $8 billion annually due to crime, bankruptcy and addiction.
• Get arrested about 3 times as often as people without gambling problems.
• Are 2–8 times more likely to binge drink, smoke or do drugs.
• Commit suicide more than any other group of people suffering from addiction.
• Have called the California gambling helpline more than 200,000 times since 1998.
• Are unable to control their urges without getting help!
 Is Problem Gambling Really That Serious?
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